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Finding the Silver Lining

In these unprecedented times it is easy to get caught up in the doom and gloom that is constantly reported on in the media. But, hidden among the scary headlines, there are good things happening.

As the world is forced to slow down, and in some cases come to a halt, the earth has gotten a chance to catch up. In Italy alone, dolphins have returned to the port of Cagliari for the first time in decades, swans returned to Milano, and the water in the canals of Venice has cleared so much that people can see fish swimming. On top of this, air pollution has significantly decreased. In parts of China, greenhouse gas emissions for the past month are a quarter below usual.

The environmental silver lining is just the start of it. There are amazing acts of kindness constantly being reported on that show families, communities, countries and the entire world coming together during this time of hardship. NBA team owners and players have donated money to help employees whose jobs have been put on hold, Disney has pledged to donate food to local food banks while they are closed, the CEO of Delta is giving up six months of his salary to limit employee layoffs during travel restrictions.

While these immense acts of kindness are moving, it is the tiny acts of kindness going on throughout every community that are truly great. All over, people are offering to bring food to those who are self-quarantined, they are sending pizzas to nurses as they work tirelessly, they are showing up outside of nursing home windows to safely bring cheer and provide company.

Out of all these acts of kindness, there was one story that really stood out to us.

In Columbus, Ohio twelve year old Taran and ten year old Calliope wanted to do something nice for their elderly neighbor Helen, who is self-isolating. They called Helen and asked her to sit on her front porch. Taran and Calliope were sitting outside wearing their most formal outfits. Once Helen was comfortable in her chair on the porch, the young siblings began playing a private cello concert for their neighbor. Helen was moved to tears by the music and the sweet, simple act of kindness from her young neighbors.

We hope that you take some time to tune out the doom and gloom and pay attention to how the world is stepping up with kindness during these trying times.

We welcome you to share with us how you are spreading kindness.

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